Scholarship application deadline July 1

graduation cap, diploma, and books

Natrona Collective Health Trust is once again sponsoring scholarships for the Masters in Public Administration program through the University of Wyoming. Applications for this scholarship will be accepted until July 1, 2023.

Natrona County is rich with nonprofit organizations run by passionate staff who are truly experts in their respective fields. However, according to our surveys and focus groups, many of these dedicated staff want to deepen their knowledge and skill in nonprofit management. NCHT has developed this scholarship opportunity to help address this need. Last year, the Trust awarded scholarships to five Natrona County nonprofit professionals who are currently completing the program.

This application is open to any employee of a Natrona County nonprofit who is eligible for the UW MPA program. The scholarship will provide tuition and fees for credits required to complete the online program over the next 2-3 years. Please note, while NCHT sponsors the scholarship, the Trust does not participate in the selection process of fellowship recipients.

Interested individuals can follow the steps below to apply for this opportunity.

Step 1: Apply to the University of Wyoming MPA program.

Step 2: In addition to the UW MPA application, you must complete the following requirements for the NCHT MPA Nonprofit Fellowship.

  • Submit proof of employment at a nonprofit organization in Natrona County, WY (i.e., letter from your supervisor, board member, website link, or other relevant documentation). You may be working part-time or full-time but must be working at a nonprofit for the duration of the fellowship. In this step, please include a short paragraph that includes your job title, where you are working and your general responsibilities.
  • Provide responses to the following essay questions:
    1. In 200-300 words, explain how your work at your nonprofit organization benefits people in Natrona County.
    2. In 200-300 words, explain how your work at the nonprofit benefits underserved population(s) or describe your experience as a person from an underserved population(s).

Step 3: Once complete, create a single document with all materials and attach a current resume along with your Fellowship application. Make sure to include your name, address, phone number, and email address so that you can be contacted with any questions.

Step 4: The Fellowship portion of your application must be submitted via email to Dr. Gabel Taggart ([email protected]) by midnight on July 1, 2023. You must be officially admitted to the MPA Program by the University of Wyoming to be eligible for this Fellowship. If you have any questions regarding your application to the MPA program OR the Fellowship application please contact Dr. Robert Schuhmann ([email protected]), MPA Director, or Dr. Gabel Taggart ([email protected]).