Meet Grants Manager Jeremy Yates

The Natrona Collective Health Trust is thrilled to report that we have selected a new Grants Manager.  Jeremy Yates will be joining our team on July 11. As part of the program team, Jeremy will be managing our grantmaking processes and data. 
We asked Jeremy a few get-to-know you questions to help us introduce him to our nonprofit community:
Let’s start with a quick bio. Tell us about yourself!
I am originally from Casper, moved away for a few years for college and graduate school. While at University of Wyoming, I studied American History with an emphasis on post 1864 African American History and the History of the American West. I had originally planned to complete my Ph.D., but decided to take a brief break when I discovered how much I liked working in the public sector. I moved back to Casper and met my wife, Tristie, shortly thereafter. We enjoy living here in Casper with our cute and terrible dog, Freya, and generally terrible cat, Woland.
What brings you to philanthropy and nonprofit work?
I love being able to work to help improve my community in concrete ways. It is particularly rewarding to me to see that my work makes my community a better place for everyone. Prior to my new job with the NCHT I worked for the City of Casper for ten years as an analyst and administrator in various departments.
What are some of your favorite things about living in Natrona County?
I love the Wyoming landscape. Living in Natrona County provides so many opportunities to be outside on the river, in the mountains, and on the plains, all while having an actual city to live in. I love how immediate nature is to my life here.
What book/podcast/album/TV show are you currently enjoying?
Currently, I am enjoying a collection of short fiction edited by the writer John Connolly called Shadow Voices: 300 Years of Genre Fiction. It is a cool approach to genre fiction and it has exposed me to a number of writers I was previously unfamiliar with. I’ve also been listening to the Blank Check podcast which is a film podcast that goes through each film of a director’s filmography in order. It is super fun and also a remarkably interesting way to think about a filmmaker’s body of work.
Jeremy will begin work on July 11, 2022, and can be reached by email at that time at [email protected]


  • Gosh. Thought working with M&A on the TDP was a career highlight worthy of mention.

    Don’t recognize the photo. Must have missed the Port of Casper during our various site visits.

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