Rachel Bouzis joins the Trust as new Director of Policy & Learning

Two months into her work as the Director of Policy & Learning, Rachel Bouzis is doing a lot of learning herself. This new position at the Trust works alongside all of our other outreach efforts, so Rachel has been tagging along to many meetings with our Trust staff. We sat down with her to find out what she’s discovered.

In your own words, what does the Natrona Collective Health Trust do?

We build, secure and grow health infrastructure for a thriving Natrona County through community, trust and stewardship.

What does a thriving Natrona County look like?

Individuals of all backgrounds organically become generational Natrona County families because their kids want to stay and raise their families here.

Why is a healthy Natrona County important to you?

Health is the foundation of home, and Casper has been home for my family for generations. Thanks to the incredible work of our local nonprofit partners and the Trust, I’m hopeful Casper will be home for generations to come.

What is Policy & Learning?

Policy: advocating for systems that improve health

Learning: studying current methods and devising/imagining/inventing way to make them better

What do those two things have in common?

Storytelling. Health may be complex but it is universally relatable. If we can tell compelling stories about what is happening now (learning), we can build a healthier future (advocacy).

How did your past work experience prepare you for your work at the Trust?

After nearly a decade working as a Copy Director in the private sector followed by a few years in the public sector, I’ve worked with nonprofits, businesses and people across Wyoming.

What are you doing when you’re not at the Trust?

Likely reading something: a novel, news, Wyoming politics, trying to read my dog’s mind, etc.