Helping our Nonprofits help our community

Entrusted with great financial responsibility, Natrona Collective Health Trust is guided by integrity and transparency. We are committed to working with you and being advocates for our entire community through trust-based philanthropy and grants for nonprofits.

Who We Fund

As a nonprofit organization, be sure to check each eligibility requirement before starting the application process.
  • 501c3 public charity or have a 501c3 public charity as a fiscal agent/sponsor
  • Organization is already providing services in and can demonstrate a benefit to Natrona County
  • Organization has a statement of inclusiveness and provides access to all programs and services regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and other factors that deny the essential humanity of Natrona County residents.
  • You attest that you’ve reviewed the list of what we don’t fund and that your organization does not fall into that list.

What We Don't Fund

To uphold transparency and open communication, we are forthcoming with the types of organizations we will not consider for funding.
  • Individuals or fraternal organizations
  • Lobbying as defined by the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (IRC), section 4945(d)(1)
  • Activities supporting political candidates or voter registration drives, as defined in IRC section 4945(d)(2).
  • Basic biomedical research, drug therapies or devices
  • Single disease, research-oriented organizations
  • Fundraising event sponsorships
  • Endowments
  • Legal expenses including but not limited to legal fees and costs, litigation funding or expenses, or to satisfy any portion of a judgment, settlement, or fine.
  • Public, private, or parochial educational institutions, including their foundations unless it is directly aligned with one of the foundation’s strategic priorities
  • Capital projects: purchase, construction, or renovation of facilities unless directly aligned with one of the foundation’s strategic priorities
  • National organizations without Wyoming-based board, staff, and independent financials
  • Organizations whose purpose is to raise money for another nonprofit
  • Religious institutions without programs and services that serve the community beyond their members
  • Organizations that cannot demonstrate a benefit to the residents of Natrona County
  • Organizations or projects that discriminate with regard to employees, volunteers, delivery of programs or services, or clients served based on race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or other factors that deny the essential humanity of all Natrona County residents.

Grant Programs

We offer the following grant types to meet our nonprofit community’s needs.

Multi-Year General Operating Support

Each spring and fall, we offer two-year general operating support grants between $20,000 – $100,000 a year. These grants will be awarded to non-profits working in the specific areas of:

  • Early childhood development – We support organizations focused on children from 0-5 through evidence-based home visitation, quality childcare, parenting education, prenatal support, social and emotional education, single parents of young children, and other similar services.
  • The prevention and mitigation of certain adverse childhood experiences (ACES) – We support organizations working to prevent and mitigate physical & sexual abuse, neglect, substance use disorders, incarceration, domestic violence, and homelessness.
  • The creation of and support for positive childhood experiences (PCES) – We support organizations working to create positive childhood experiences through after-school programs, long-term summer camps, mentoring programs, caregiver-child experiences, and more.
  • Mental and behavioral health services – We support organizations that provide counseling and therapy, suicide prevention, addiction support and treatment, and other mental health services.

Advocacy Grants

Each spring and fall, we offer two-year advocacy grants between $20,000 – $100,000 a year to support a better community through the advocacy of policies and systemic change in the areas of:

  • Strong Families – Increasing and improving access to mental healthcare and positive childhood experiences (PCEs) with an emphasis on preventing and mitigating childhood trauma (e.g. reducing rates of incarceration, domestic violence, child abuse and neglect, substance use disorders)
  • Social Inclusion – Inclusion of marginalized groups (e.g Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, LGBTQ+, immigrants) to decrease disparities in access and health outcomes
  • Civic Engagement – Working with Wyoming residents to strengthen their voice in state and local public policies to improve the communities where they work, live, and play.

Wyoming nonprofit organizations whose primary advocacy will benefit Natrona County residents in these areas are eligible for advocacy grants. Organizations can use this advocacy capacity tool to assess their readiness for advocacy activities. Nonprofits currently receiving multi-year general operating grants from NCHT are not eligible to receive advocacy grants.

Boost Grants

Boost grants of up to $15,000 are provided to support improving the internal capacity and infrastructure of nonprofits in Natrona County. Examples include technology enhancement, board development, and strategic planning activities. Any Natrona County 501c3 nonprofit, including those who are already receiving other NCHT funding, is eligible for funding.

*Note, the 2023 application period for boost grants has ended.

Grant Cycle Timeline

Spring Cycle 2023

  • Application Open – February 22, 2023
  • Application Close – 1:00 PM, March 15, 2023
  • Grant Award Notification – On or before April 5, 2023
  • Funds Dispersed – Around April 14, 2023

Fall Cycle 2023

  • Application Deadline – September 1, 2023
  • Grant Award Notification – On or before September 22, 2023
  • Funds Dispersed – Around October 1, 2023

Application & reporting information

Multi-Year General Operating Support, Advocacy Grant, and Boost Grant Applications

Applications will require non-profits to provide: 

  • General contact information 

  • Statement of inclusivity and how it applies to your organization 

  • Request amount and how you will use the requested funds* 

  • Most recent balance sheet, and profit and loss statement. These should be audited financials or financials reviewed and approved by your board. 

  • For Boost Grants, a project budget 

Please allow approximately 15 minutes to complete the application and find our upcoming dates under grant programs.  

Reporting process:  

  • An NCHT program director will reach out to partners to schedule a brief reporting meeting based on the application.  

  • For boost grants, please retain any appropriate receipts or invoices related to the use of the boost grant.  

If you have any questions about any of our upcoming grant applications, please contact: 

Grants Manager – Jeremy Yates [email protected] 307-243-2709 

*NCHT staff take the following areas into consideration when determining grant amounts; grantee request amount, organizational budget, mission alignment, equity commitment, systems change work, service expansion, community need & evidence-based approaches. 

Statement of Inclusiveness

The Board of Directors adopted this Statement of Inclusiveness to guide the foundation internally as an organization. Potential funded partners will need to have a similar statement and/or attest that their operations and programs are open to all, especially for the groups outlined below.

The mission of Natrona Collective Health Trust is to build the foundation for lifelong health among Natrona County community members by advancing the mental wellbeing of young people through trust-based philanthropy and systems change. NCHT’s operations reflect the belief that communities are enriched when people with different backgrounds and perspectives are active participants in decision-making processes. Thus, NCHT actively seeks to promote access and inclusivity and opposes discrimination based on race, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and other factors that deny the essential humanity of all Natrona County residents

Nonprofit Partners

Our financial resources allow Natrona County nonprofits to build the capacity needed to support community residents. Together we address health-related symptoms and improve systems to reduce the financial burden many nonprofits face.

Below is a searchable list of our nonprofit partners and grant amounts since NCHT inception.

Current on Grantmaking Page
Organization Name20212022202320242025
12-24 Club2021/2022, 2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health360,000
Arc of Natrona County2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportMental/Behavioral Health40,000
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Wyoming2022, 2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES160,000
Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Wyoming2022, 2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportPCES120,000
Brain Injury Advocates2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportACES40,000
CASA of Natrona County2023General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral Support; Boost GrantGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Nonprofit Capacity Building83,265
Casper Boxing Club2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportPCES40,000
Casper Children's Chorale2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportPCES80,000
Casper Children's Theatre2022/2023, General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportPCES200,000
Casper College Early Childhood Learning Center2022/2023General SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood80,000
Casper Family ConnectionsGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Mental/Behavioral Health300,000
Casper Housing Authority CARES2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Early Childhood240,000
Casper Pride2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportEliminating Disparities, Civic Engagement 360,000
Casper Salvation Army2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental & Behavioral Health300,000
Casper Soccer Club, Inc.2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building3,180
Central Wyoming Hospice and Transitions Program2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral Support, Boost GrantGeneral SupportGeneral SupportMental/Behavioral Health315,000
Central Wyoming Senior Services2023Boost Grant Nonprofit Capacity Building11,729
Child Development Center2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral Support, ResourceEarly Childhood, Mental/Behavioral Health, ACES, PCES, Translation360,000
Child Development Services2023/2024Advocacy GrantAdvocacy GrantStrengthening Supports160,000
Children's Advocacy Project2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health360,000
Citizens for a Civic Auditorium, dba The Lyric2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building5,313
Climb Wyoming2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health360,000
Community Action Partnership of Natrona County2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportResourceACES, Grant Writing120,000
Community Health Center of Central Wyoming2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Early Childhood, Mental/Behavioral Health360,000
ESPC: Healthy Wyoming2023/2024Advocacy GrantAdvocacy GrantEliminating Disparities, Civic Engagement 80,000
Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportPCES200,000
Habitat for Humanity2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral Support, ResourceGeneral SupportACES, Translation320,000
Hope House2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health200,000
Impact Wyoming2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building6,000
Interfaith of Natrona County2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportBoost Grant, General SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health, Nonprofit Capacity Building230,000
I-REACH 22021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportBoost GrantBoost GrantMental/Behavioral Health, Nonprofit Capacity Building70,000
Iris Clubhouse2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral Support, Boost GrantGeneral Support, ResourceMental/Behavioral Health, Nonprofit Capacity Building, Grant Writing327,000
Jason's Friends Foundation2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building7,750
Joshua's Storehouse2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building2,484
Juntos WY2021/2022General SupportGeneral Support160,000
Learning Junction Children's Center, Inc2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood80,000
Mercer Family Resource Center2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Mental/Behavioral Health360,000
Mimi's House2021/2022General SupportACES, PCES40,000
Montessori School of Casper2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building5,000
Seton House2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES280,000
NAMI Natrona County2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportMental/Behavioral Health80,000
Natrona County Meals On Wheels2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building15,000
Natrona County Suicide Prevention2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportMental/Behavioral Health160,000
Olivia Caldwell Foundation2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Mental/Behavioral Health140,000
Parents as Teachers2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Early Childhood360,000
Reach 4A Star2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportMental/Behavioral Health120,000
Special Olympics2023Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building14,100
Self Help Center2021/2022General SupportGeneral SupportBoost Grant, Youth PGM, General SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Mental/Behavioral Health, Nonprofit Capacity Building382,000
The Science Zone, Inc.2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood, PCES340,000
Unaccompanied Students Initiative2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral Support, Youth PGMGeneral Support, ResourceGeneral SupportACES, PCES, Grant Writing363,000
Wyoming Child & Family Development, Inc.2022/2023General SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood200,000
Wyoming Community Foundation2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportStrengthening Supports120,000
Wyoming Counseling Association2023, 2024Boost GrantBoost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building24,840
Wyoming Equality2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportEliminating Disparities, Civic Engagement 40,000
Wyoming Food for Thought Project2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES360,000
Wyoming Housing Network2023/2024General Support; Boost GrantGeneral SupportACES, Nonprofit Capacity Building135,000
YMCA of Natrona County2022/2023, 2024/2025General SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood, PCES340,000
Youth Crisis Center2021/2022/2023General SupportGeneral SupportYouth PGM, General SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health390,000
Homeless Student Support2023Youth PGMMental/Behavioral Health20,000
Wyoming Families for Hands & Voices2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportEarly Childhood, PCES20,000
Wyoming Coalition Against Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportACES60,000
Wyoming Association of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportStrengthening Supports120,000
VIBES Fine & Performing Arts2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportPCES, Mental/Behavioral Health120,000
Three Trails EFAP2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health40,000
National Historic Trails Center2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportPCES20,000
Equal Justice Wyoming Foundation2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportStrengthening Supports, Eliminating Disparities60,000
Casper Christ United Methodist Church2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportACES, Mental/Behavioral Health100,000
Casper Artists' Guild2023/2024General SupportGeneral SupportPCES40,000
Jean's Angel Fund2023Youth PGMMental/Behavioral Health10,000
Central Wyoming Counseling CenterGen OpGen OpYouth PGM, Gen-OpGen-Op, ResourceMental/Behavioral Health, Translation500,000
Healthy Birth & Infant BrainsGen-Op GrantGen-Op GrantEarly Childhood, ACES, PCES, Mental/Behavioral Health20,000
Better Wyoming2024General SupportGeneral SupportCivic Engagement, Strengthening Supports20,000
Wyoming Civic Engagement Network2024General SupportGeneral SupportCivic Engagement80,000
Casper Community Greenhouse Project2024General SupportGeneral SupportPCES60,000
Volunteers of America Northern Rockies2024General SupportGeneral SupportACES, PCES20,000
307 Dance Academy2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building$9,050
Cadoma Foundation/Bishop House2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building4,985
Fireside Collective2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building13,450
Food Bank of the Rockies2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building15,000
Make-A-Wish Wyoming2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building4,501
NOWCAP2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building15,000
Wyoming Council of the Blind2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building6,975
Opera Wyoming2024Boost Grant12,000
Wyoming Foundation for Cancer Care2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building5,180
Wyoming Symphony Orchestra2024Boost Grant$12,995
Nicolaysen Art Museum2024Boost GrantNonprofit Capacity Building15,000
Excel Academy2024ResourceGrant Writing
Project Kenny2024ResourceGrant Writing

Partner Success Stories

When our nonprofits succeed, we all succeed. See how our community nonprofits are working to solve health challenges in Natrona County.