NCHT unveils new grant management system ahead of fall cycle

A hand offers a paper heart through a laptop screen.

The Natrona Collective Health Trust is excited to introduce a new way for nonprofit organizations to apply for and manage NCHT grants. Their new grant management system (GMS) powered by SmartSimple is now live.

With the fall grant cycle opening on August 11, 2023, NCHT has transformed their grant application and evaluation processes by implementing the GMS. In keeping with NCHT’s commitment to lessen the burden of traditional grant applications, the new system is designed to be user-friendly. Applicants will find it easy to navigate the GMS interface, complete necessary fields, and upload supporting documents.

The system allows for collaboration between the applicants and the NCHT team. Through integrated communication tools and centralized data, stakeholders can easily interact, provide feedback, and track application progress.

The GMS also provides robust reporting functionalities. Users can generate customized reports, track grant status, and evaluate program outcomes, promoting data-driven decision-making and transparency.

Both existing partners and those wishing to apply during the fall grant cycle are invited to register for a new account by visiting the application portal.

The link is also on the grantmaking page of the NCHT website., where applicants can find complete details for the fall grant cycle on the page. The grant cycle runs from August 11-September 1 and offers funding opportunities through general operating support and advocacy grants.

For questions about the grant cycle, assistance in registering with the new system, or if you encounter any issues with your registration or application, please contact NCHT Grant Manager Jeremy Yates at [email protected] or via phone at 307-243-2709.