Translation Services


Natrona County nonprofits that provide – or have the need to provide – services to non-English speaking community members.


In Natrona County, non-English-speaking community members face difficulties in accessing necessary services & obtaining interpreters may not be financially feasible for some organizations. Based on this, Natrona Collective Health Trust has established a grant for non-profits to access translation & interpretation services through GLOBO, a tech-based translation service that offers on-demand or scheduled phone and video interpretation and document translation, with access to over 350 languages. This grant will allow organizations to provide their current services to non-English-speaking clients while ensuring:

  • Security for sensitive data to comply with HIPAA guidelines;
  • Industry specific competency, as some non-profits use of specific jargon;
  • Risk management, such as fluency tests and internal controls; and
  • Quick connect times.


Translation services will be available as part of NCHT’s resource grant opportunity, which will be rolled out in 2024. Information will be located on our Grantmaking page or contact Samantha Smith, Senior Program Director for details.