Policy & Advocacy


Wyoming nonprofits whose work aligns with NCHT’s advocacy agenda.


Amplifying the voices within the nonprofit sector as they work to improve the systems and policies that impact our community’s health is an important part of NCHT’s mission. Our advocacy agenda encourages systems change in the following areas:

  • Strengthening family supports by increasing access to mental healthcare services, promoting family-friendly work policies, and expanding support for positive childhood experiences/quality early childhood development with an emphasis on preventing childhood trauma.
  • Ensuring every Wyoming resident can thrive by eliminating disparities in health outcomes and access for marginalized populations, including supporting non-discrimination measures and strengthening the voice of all residents through civic engagement.
  • Championing our nonprofit organizations through sustained and increased funding as well as improved coordination between nonprofits and government.


We address our advocacy priorities through providing advocacy grants and training, engaging in media outreach and policy analysis, fostering relationships with policymakers, and building coalitions across nonprofit, economic, education, and governmental sectors.

As a 501c(3) private foundation, the NCHT is prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for office as well as engaging in communication with policymakers to influence specific legislation or ballot initiatives.

If you have a policy & advocacy opportunity for NCHT, please contact Beth Worthen.