Spring grant cycle now open!

The spring grant cycle for Natrona Collective Health Trust opened today, February 16. This grant cycle includes funding opportunities for general operating, advocacy, boost, and resource grants. The cycle will remain open through March 15.

Each grant opportunity targets specific needs in the community as the Trust seeks to advance its mission of addressing youth mental health through trust-based philanthropy and systems change.

NEW: Resource Grants

Last year, the Trust completed successful pilot programs for translation and grant writing services for area nonprofits. These specific services had previously been identified as areas where there was significant need, but a lack of resources and capacity.

A resource grant for grant writing services allows nonprofits to work with a Trust-funded consultant to identify and potentially access additional sources of revenue, such as those from federal grants or national foundations. The consultant works with the nonprofit on grant research, readiness, portfolio preparation, and application submission.

A resource grant for translation services allows nonprofits to partner with GLOBO, a technology-based service that offers on-demand or scheduled phone and video interpretation and document translation, with access to over 350 languages. This expands the ability of Natrona County nonprofits to serve non-English speaking clients.

Resource grants are available to Natrona County nonprofits for one year of grant writing or translation services.

General Operating Grants

General operating grants are available for Natrona County nonprofits providing programs and services to Natrona County residents in the areas of early childhood development, the prevention and mitigation of adverse childhood experiences (ACES), the creation of and support for positive childhood experiences (PCES), and the provision of mental/behavioral health services. These are two-year grants of up to $80,000 a year.

Advocacy Grants

Advocacy grants are available to support a better community through the advocacy of policies and systems change to increase family resiliency, social inclusion, and civic engagement. Wyoming nonprofit organizations whose primary advocacy will benefit Natrona County residents in these areas are eligible for advocacy grants. These are two-year grants of up to $80,000 a year.

Boost Grants

Boost grants are provided to support improving the internal capacity and infrastructure of nonprofits in Natrona County. Examples include technology enhancement, board development, and strategic planning activities. Any Natrona County 501c3 nonprofit is eligible to receive boost grants, excluding those who are current general operating or advocacy grant recipients. Grant amounts are up to $15,000.

How to Apply

Organizations can access the Trust’s online grant system by clicking the “Apply Now” button on the Trust’s Grantmaking page, or the “Grant Portal” button at the top of each page of the website. First-time applicants will be asked to register an account, while returning partners can use their existing login. Applicants should expect to provide general contact and financial information and details on how the grant funds will be used. For more information regarding the grant opportunities, visit the Trust’s grantmaking page or contact Samantha Smith, Senior Director of Programs & Community Engagement.