NCHT to roll out new grant opportunity this spring

resource grants 2024 translation and grant writing

by Samantha Smith, Senior Director of Programs and Community Engagement

The Natrona Collective Health Trust (NCHT) is introducing a new grant for local nonprofits. The resource grant will join NCHT’s current portfolio of grant opportunities, which presently includes general operating, advocacy, and boost grants. Resource grants will be available with the spring grant cycle beginning February 16, 2024.

Why resource grants?

NCHT uses Trust-Based Philanthropy (TBP) as the guiding principle for grantmaking. TBP represents a philanthropic approach dedicated to “advancing equity, shifting power and building mutually accountable relationships through a values-driven approach.” This is achieved through fostering meaningful relationships, promoting transparent communication, streamlining the application and reporting procedures, offering consistent multi-year funding, and providing comprehensive support beyond funding.

In response to identified needs of community members and non-profit organizations in Natrona County during our strategic planning process,  NCHT started a grant writing pilot project in 2022 and a translation pilot project in 2023. These programs were aimed at providing support “beyond the check” to our non-profit partners and eliminating gaps in services for Natrona County community members.

What does the grant writing resource include?

The grant writing resource will provide funding for a nonprofit to work with a grant writing consultant for up to one year or up to 200 hours with the opportunity to complete the following:

  • Refining organizational readiness for grants
  • Constructing a comprehensive grant writing portfolio
  • Conducting grant research
  • Submitting polished grant applications.

Grants targeted are those from federal, state, and national funder sources.

What does the translation resource include?

The translation resource grant allows nonprofits to partner with GLOBO for up to one year. GLOBO is a tech-based translation service that offers on-demand or scheduled phone and video interpretation and document translation, with access to over 350 languages. GLOBO ensures quick connect times, practices risk management through fluency, test and internal controls, employs translators well-versed in industry-specific jargon, and has security for sensitive data to comply with HIPAA guidelines.

Who can apply?

Qualifying organizations whose work benefits the residents of Natrona County.

Can organizations apply for more than one resource?

Yes, organizations can apply for more than one resource.

My organization receives another grant from NCHT. Are we eligible for a resource grant?


What is the application period for resource grants?

Resource grant applications will open on February 16 and remain open until the allocation of funds is reached. This year, there are opportunities for 6 grant writing awards and 5 translation service awards.

What’s next for NCHT grant opportunities?

NCHT will continue to listen to the needs of the community and pilot resources to add to future grant opportunities. If you have an idea for a resource grant option, please contact Samantha Smith, Senior Director of Programs & Community Engagement.