Natrona Collective Health Trust secures permanent home

Photo of the front of a 2-story brick building

The Natrona Collective Health Trust is excited to announce that after a nearly two-year process, it has purchased a building for its permanent home. The building is located at 421 S. Center Street and was previously owned by Lisa Burridge and Associates.

While renovation of the property is not yet underway, the building will eventually contain office space for Trust staff as well as community meeting space that our current leased office cannot offer. We envision this shared space to be used for nonprofit collaboration, training events, forums, speaker events, and more. This gives the Trust the ability to fulfill its mission through both its work and its space. We are incredibly excited to provide this offering to nonprofits and look forward to the impact on other businesses as people are drawn into the downtown area. We are also looking forward to transforming a 100-year-old building located in the heart of Casper into an important community asset.

As we look to the long-term future of the Trust, it’s important to steward our funds to maximize our community impact. This includes determining the best use of our resources for a permanent home. With this in mind, the Trust’s board and staff carefully explored all options and weighed factors such as total investment, costs and risks over time, long-term equity, community impact, and economic impact. The analysis showed that the most expensive option was to continue to lease space. Because our board members take their fiduciary responsibilities very seriously, this was an important factor in their decision to purchase an existing building. The Center Street property met our space needs in a location that is proximate to many of our nonprofit partners. We can’t wait to be part of the neighborhood.

Stay tuned for more information as the design and renovation process unfolds over the coming months!