Enhancing your mission through tech: NCHT introduces tech library

A table holding a variety of audio/visual tech equipment

by Daniel Mwangi, Office Manager

Have you ever prepared for a meeting or presentation only to realize that you are missing a crucial piece of tech equipment to make the event a success? Worry not! We are here to help ensure you have the tools you need.

In today’s high-tech world, being able to hold effective meetings and trainings or share meaningful presentations often requires an array of technological tools. However, having the latest equipment on hand can be expensive.

At Natrona Collective Health Trust (NCHT), we understand the critical role that nonprofits play in our community, and we are excited to share a new resource that can elevate your organization’s efficiency through technology. NCHT’s tech library, which is part of a growing toolbox of resources for local nonprofits, allows organizations to check out technological equipment on as-needed basis and return it to the library free of charge.

Currently, the tech library includes:

  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • USB extension cables
  • HDMI extension cables
  • Extension power strips
  • Conference room web camera
  • Camera tripod
  • Logitech pointer/clicker for PowerPoint presentations
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Easel

Who qualifies? All Natrona County 501c3 organizations that intend to use the listed items for legal/ethical purposes and primarily to advance the mission/purpose of their organization.

What is the request process? At NCHT, our goal is to make our processes as simple as possible. To request a resource, complete the online form found on the Tech Library page of the NCHT website at least one week prior to pick-up day. To be able to accommodate requests, a nonprofit can keep the item(s) for up to one week.

Moving forward: We would like to grow the library and meet as many technological needs as possible. Are there items not listed here that can make your meetings/trainings more successful? Please do not hesitate to reach out to our office manager, Daniel Mwangi, with suggestions or questions.