Check out our website updates: Community Engagement and Nonprofit Toolbox

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As part of our commitment to transparency, Natrona Collective Health Trust strives to make our website,, a comprehensive site for everything you need to know about our organization.

There are a few new menu options that you may have noticed on our site: Community Engagement and Nonprofit Toolbox.

What’s new?

screenshot of a website menuThe work we do at the Trust goes well beyond grantmaking. We recently added a new Community Engagement page to our site which focuses on the work of the Natrona Council for Safety and Justice (NCSJ), previously known as SIM. You can find this page by clicking on the “what we do” dropdown menu at the top of any page on our website.

The community engagement page outlines the exciting initiatives underway as part of NCSJ’s collaborative work, including some of the affiliated programs that have spun off from these efforts, such as Kind Grounds and Downtown Outreach. This page will eventually include resources for NCSJ participants, including a calendar of meetings and events.

Another recent change to the site is the addition of the nonprofit toolbox. We like to think of this toolbox as a “one-stop shop” for nonprofit organizations to learn about capacity-building resources that go beyond our grantmaking. A few of the toolbox items include:

  • Information about grant writing and translation services
  • The latest scholarship opportunities
  • A tech library, where nonprofits can request to borrow equipment for their tech needs
  • Information on an array of nonprofit consulting services offered in partnership with Wyoming Nonprofit Network

We are constantly looking to improve our website content and accessibility. If you have suggestions for materials you would like to see on our site, reach out to our VP of Operations, Paula Mongold, at [email protected].