By using an inclusive, community-based approach to our services, resources, and allocations, we aim to address health challenges at the root of the issue.

More Than A Check

Supporting nonprofits and the community through programs beyond funding

By using an inclusive, community-based approach to our services, resources, and allocations, we aim to address health challenges at the root of the issue.

Capacity Building

Based on feedback from Natrona County nonprofits and in alignment with our trust-based philanthropy approach, we provide capacity building, technical assistance, and consulting to any nonprofit serving Natrona County. Thanks to a partnership with the Wyoming Nonprofit Network, their Director of Learning and Development is located at the NCHT office in Casper. The Director primarily serves Natrona County nonprofits while providing learning opportunities for nonprofits across Wyoming. Additionally, Natrona Collective Health Trust hosts its own workshops and programs all informed by nonprofit input and feedback. All programs are open to any nonprofit serving Natrona County and participation is never a requirement for funding. Subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay up-to-date on upcoming capacity-building opportunities.

Grant Writing

Nonprofit leaders shared that millions of dollars are being left on the table because many do not have the expertise or capacity to submit government and national grants. In response, The Trust launched a pilot program in 2022 with select nonprofits who were matched with seasoned grant writers, with NCHT covering the cost. Additionally, the Wyoming Nonprofit Network’s Director of Learning & Development offers a grant readiness program aimed at ensuring nonprofits have the necessary components in place in order to seek grant funds.  Any nonprofit organizations interested in exploring the grant writing assistance program can contact Kylie Gibson, VP of Finance for more information.

Policy & Advocacy

We cannot fund our way out of the issues affecting the collective health in Natrona County. We must also work to improve the systems and policies that impact our community’s health by advocating for change. The Natrona Collective Health Trust focuses its advocacy approach on the following priority areas:  

  • Strengthening family supports by increasing access to mental healthcare services, promoting family-friendly work policies, and expanding support for positive childhood experiences/quality early childhood development with an emphasis on preventing childhood trauma. 
  • Ensuring every Wyoming resident can thrive by eliminating disparities in health outcomes and access for marginalized populations, including supporting non-discrimination measures and strengthening the voice of all residents through civic engagement. 
  • Championing our nonprofit organizations through sustained and increased funding as well as improved coordination between nonprofits and government. 

We work to address these advocacy priorities through providing advocacy grants and training, engaging in media outreach and policy analysis, fostering relationships with policymakers, and building coalitions across nonprofit, economic, education, and governmental sectors.  

As a 501c(3) private foundation, the NCHT is prohibited from supporting or opposing candidates for office as well as engaging in communication with policymakers to influence specific legislation or ballot initiatives. 


Natrona County nonprofit leaders reported wanting additional education and training on running a nonprofit organization. Based on this feedback, Natrona Collective Health Trust established five scholarships to cover tuition for Natrona County nonprofit staff to receive their Master of Public Administration degree with a concentration in nonprofit management from the University of Wyoming.

Five area nonprofit professionals were selected as recipients for the 2022 scholarships: 

  • Vickery Fales Hall, Wyoming Community Foundation
  • Gena Jensen, National Historic Trails Center Foundation
  • Ben Kinion, The Science Zone
  • Dawn Lacko, NOWCAP Services
  • Tess Mittelstadt, Habitat for Humanity

NCHT is funding a new round of MPA scholarships for Natrona County-based nonprofit staff in 2023. To learn more, please contact Samantha Smith and visit the University’s program page here.

Collaboration Resources

NCHT knows that our community members most impacted by the issues know best how to address them. It’s our job to listen to those voices and act on their recommendations.

Some of our recent collaborations include:

  • Teaming up with the Wyoming Community Foundation to support healthcare workers in Natrona County and ensure our community is effectively recovering and moving forward from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Working with Wyoming Medical Center, NCHT is supporting community partners to implement a sequential intercept map (SIM) to improve the coordination and delivery of mental health services in Natrona County.
  • Partnering with the Youth Empowerment Council to launch a participatory grantmaking program.

We look forward to announcing new opportunities in 2023. Do you know of an opportunity NCHT should consider? Contact Beth Worthen.