Samantha Smith

Meet Samantha

Sr Director of Programs & Community Engagement
What brought you to this work?

I believe in mental health care and know that humans’ beautiful resilience and the desire to push forward can sometimes prevent the working process of truly healing traumatic experiences we have overcome. This work allows me to engage with the community and lean into our county’s strengths like resilience and use my personal knowledge of Natrona County nonprofits, my education and my professional experiences to empower & create holistic change. I know firsthand the impact nonprofits can have in the trajectory of peoples’ lives.

How to find me?

(307) 243-2707

Education and Experience

I received my BSW degree from Azusa Pacific University and my MSW from the University of Wyoming. I have worked in the non-profit realm since the beginning of my career and have experience in community mental health, public education, foster care, higher education, and working with the houseless community. I have been a school counselor, a student success advocate, a developer of a holistic scholarship program and Natrona County community member for 20+ years.

How do you spend your free time?

I spend my free time with my friends/family and my dog, Bunkie. I enjoy writing and playing in the ceramics lab or snowshoeing in the winter. In the summer, I spend as much time as possible outdoors – going camping, being at the lake, or floating down the Platte. I always have a concert I am counting down to or a flight I can’t wait to catch.