Paula Mongold

Meet Paula

VP of Operations
What brought you to this work?

I’ve been around healthcare, both as a professional and as a consumer, since moving to Casper 25 years ago. I’ve seen the challenges providers face, and I’ve experienced loss and the struggles that come along with navigating mental health systems in Wyoming. As part of the team at Natrona Collective Health Trust, I hope to help our community find the solutions we need to address the issues around health in our county and make it an even better place to live for future generations.

How to find me?

(307) 243-2157

Education and Experience

I have a wide range of professional experience, including journalism, public relations and healthcare administration. I have an associates degree in communications with an emphasis on journalism and a bachelor of science degree in business administration.

How do you spend your free time?

When not at work, my husband and I spend nearly every weekend enjoying the many things Casper has to offer, including great food and live entertainment. I’ve run, walked, or biked every inch of the Platte River Trails, often with a faithful dog or two by my side. I enjoy reading or listening to books, cooking, and spending time with my grown kids and beautiful grandson.