Leanne Loya

Meet Leanne

Director of Programs
What brought you to this work?

I am driven by a deep passion for helping others grow and thrive, and it’s this commitment that has led me to this line of work. Finding meaning in fostering change, I am excited about contributing to the betterment of our community by advancing the mental well-being of youth. This role allows me to be a part of systemic change and build a thriving community that truly supports the empowerment of individuals.

How to find me?

(307) 243-2706

Education and Experience

My journey began in youth development at a residential treatment facility, igniting my passion for guiding young individuals through trauma and toward self-empowerment. This drive inspired my pursuit of a Master’s in Counseling. Post-graduation, I transitioned into higher education, focusing on empowering disadvantaged students to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. My career has been diverse, encompassing roles as a manager, mentor, educator, counselor, facilitator, collaborator, and change-maker, reflecting my commitment to fostering growth and positive change.

How do you spend your free time?

I love spending time in my flower garden, getting creative with a new project, cuddling up with a good book, or going on a walk with friends.