Kristy Oster

Meet Kristy

Director of Community Engagement
What brought you to this work?

Community connection, collaboration, and a commitment to systemic change are central themes throughout my professional journey. My passion for creating partnerships and embracing innovative approaches to overcome barriers aligns with my goal of fostering a stronger and more successful community. By actively supporting the community and entities in the community, I am excited to see the positive change that will occur in Natrona County.

How to find me?

(307) 243-2159

Education and Experience

Over the past two decades, my career has been dedicated to making a positive impact on individuals facing hardships and addictions. I was committed to assisting others in becoming successful and productive members of society. After retiring from the Wyoming Department of Corrections, I transitioned into a role focused on working directly with the community and vulnerable populations. My extensive experience in dealing with diverse challenges within the corrections system positions me well to contribute valuable insights and knowledge to address systemic issues in Natrona County.

How do you spend your free time?

In my spare time, I consider myself a ‘professional chauffeur’ and enthusiastic spectator for my two boys, actively supporting them in their involvement in basketball, football, and baseball. When we’re not on the road for sports, my family and I enjoy spending time at the lake, exploring the mountains, and being with our extended family and friends.