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What We Do

Natrona Collective Health Trust provides a collaborative approach to health and wellbeing.

We strive to be a trusted resource for actionable change.

About NCHT

As Wyoming’s first health conversion foundation, we provide grant funding, technical assistance, and advocacy in partnership with nonprofits whose work benefits Natrona County residents. We use trust-based philanthropy and systems change advocacy to address the collective health challenges of our community, with our community.

By eliminating many of the burdens of traditional funding, we can more efficiently provide support to non-profits who are working to improve the many factors that impact the community’s collective health and mental wellbeing of young people.

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Our Mission

Build the foundation for lifelong health among Natrona County community members by advancing the mental wellbeing of young people through trust-based philanthropy and systems change.

Mental & behavioral health

The Natrona Collective Health Trust is passionate about and actively working towards changing behavioral healthcare systems, especially for Natrona County youth, by fostering community conditions that allow for nonprofits and individuals that work on behavioral health to thrive.

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Behavioral health is shaped and begins in childhood.

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1 in 4 children in Wyoming ages 0-17 experienced two or more adverse childhood experiences.1

Around 17% of Natrona County students are “at-risk” of not completing high school due to lack of economic or social needs being met.2

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Over 20% of female students report feeling unsafe in Natrona County.3

1Wyoming Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey, 2018; 2FSG Community Leaders Interview, 3Wyoming PNA 2018


We believe in building the capacity of the nonprofit landscape to ensure our community is thriving. If you are a Natrona-area nonprofit or working to change systems statewide in ways that will benefit Natrona County, head to our Grantmaking page to see how we can work together to build a stronger, healthier Natrona County.

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Community partners contributed to our strategy

Over $7.9 Million

Grant money allocated
to nonprofit partners


Nonprofit partnerships created through grants

Our Guiding Principles

As part of building a foundation and addressing upstream factors of health for a thriving community, we work by these guiding principles:

Commitment to Learning and Boldness

We are committed to becoming experts in and advocates for our community by entrenching and educating ourselves and others in understanding the health challenges people face. We will take risks to improve the health of Natrona citizens.

Center on Community

We engage underserved communities and their voices directly in decision making. We prioritize and value the expertise of proximity to place and experience.

Be Flexible and Adaptive

We will offer flexibility to our staff and partners so that they can adapt as needed to address the needs of the community. We will adapt our approach based on new learnings and information.

Operate with Transparency

The Foundation will act with integrity and in open communication with the community.

Lean into Systemic Change

We will operate with a long-term view. We are committed to lasting, systemic improvements to the health and wellness of Natrona County residents.

Foster Inclusivity and Compassion

We will always be mindful of and guided by the importance of complete inclusivity of residents of all backgrounds. We will improve the ability of all voices in our community to be heard.

Community Partner Highlights

Teaming Up for Natrona’s Health

Fostering a healthy Natrona County means building a foundation of health and wellbeing for all community members and nonprofits through trust-based philanthropy. Read about our community partners who work diligently to improve the collective health of Natrona County residents, particularly the mental wellbeing of our youth.

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